Introducing aurasafe

Smart QR code visitor sign-in for COVID-19


After supporting over 1.5 million secure check ins across Australia during the early stages of the pandemic when no government services were available, we are now closing this free QR Code service.

Please use your mandated local state government QR code check in service instead.

Please note our platform does not retain your check in data.

Stay safe and get vaccinated!

The Aurasafe Team

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Why use auraSafe?

Find out why we built auraSafe and how it works to protect your staff and visitors to your business during COVID-19.

COVID-19 Safety Plans require businesses and organisations to collect customer and/or visitor details when checking into venues. Collecting this information will make contact tracing more efficient. To help you do this auraSafe will:

  • keep the name and mobile number or email address of the customer/visitor for 28 days
  • keep records stored securely using advanced encryption
  • allow you to quickly and securely send visitor contact details to your local heath authority if contacted in relation to a positive case of COVID-19